Get Rid of Stress by Planning Your Time Efficiently

How to manage your time in order to keep doing things well and efficiently and having no stress at the same time?

Planning Your Time Efficiently

5 reliable methods to find more free time

Do you want to have more time every day to fulfill all your tasks and realize all your wishes? Have you ever thought how to arrange your day more efficiently, how to focus on the important things you have to do?

The psychologists recommend 5 main rules of “seeking” the free time in our daily life. These rules may be combined in order to achieve a greater success:

1. Combine your working hours
2. Combine your activities
3. Decrease the amount of time you use for your bad habits
4. Work fast
5. Be always ready.

Now I’ll try to analyze each of these points.

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All Psychology and Personal Growth Ideas in a Single List

All Psychology and Personal Growth Ideas in a Single List

Personal Growth Ideas in a Single List

Stress Won’t Have Any Chance if Stick to this List

How to be you, maintain good health and lower stress levels in 46 tips collected by Shad Helmstetter.

Shad Helmstetter, the best-selling author of thirteen books in the field of personal growth, in one of his books published a list of “key ideas” and recommendations of psychotherapy books. He collected the main ideas of all psychotherapy books in a list

I usually read stuff like this with a large smile of distrust on my face. It’s up to you to decide how real, ‘palpable’ or realizable are those ideas.

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Manage the Back to School Stress. Part I

Back to School Stress and Solutions for Parents
back to school stress management

What to do in order to keep calm in back to school days? This question is generally available for children and for their parents too.

Many of us when preparing our kids for school go through noticeable changes beginning with an easy discomfort ending with higher stress levels. Don’t let back to school problems get over you. If you’re a parent, see what can be done in order to keep calm and manage your stress.

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Natural Stress Relievers That Help Coping Stress Levels

How to cope with stress and depression avoiding the addiction to chemical drugs and their side effects?

manage the stress with natural stress relievers

Stress is a part of our lives and we somehow manage to cope with it with natural or not-at-all-natural substances.

When it comes to effects that these substances may have on our stress levels or general health, chemical drugs are leading with side effects. Of course a pill from the drugstore may solve your problem more quickly than an herbal tea for example, but how dangerous can be a long term use of chemical drugs and are they really struggling with our stress levels or are just ruining our health?

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What to Eat When Stressed?

How to Choose Food Products for Stressful Days?


Food Products for Stressful Days

Did you know your stress levels and your digestion are in close correlation? How is that possible? Many of you have also noticed that their bodies may react differently to certain foods in different cases. Sometimes food may cause fatigue or bloating and other times, the same food feels good for the body.

The food you eat and the way you eat would influence the way you feel but there is interdependence between food and stress levels also. The more stressed, tired, anxious or sleepless you are, the more foods will aggravate your digestive balance. When you are rested, relaxed and calm, your stomach would have a normal digestive activity.
When you are undergoing stressful situations, when chronically stressed, when in depression, try to choose better the food you eat. It should be gentle and easy to digest.

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3 Main Stress Relief Activities

Pressure Due to Stress and Ways to Cope With It

Stress Relief Activities

How to get rid of stress with 3 simple activities?

Stress has always been a component of our lives and human body was designed with all-natural-ways of fighting with stress. However, excessive and prolonged stress is very harmful for anyone and is proved to be between the main causes of significant conditions such as heart diseases, hypertension and cancer. Continual stress weakens the immune system and disrupts the chemical balance inside the body.

A very effective way to lessen tension levels is to uncover a tension relief activity that may relax your body and mind as well as provide you with an inner sense of calmness. The tension relief activity or activities that you select ought to be basic and effortless to complete. Otherwise, you could possibly not have the energy to go through with it.

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Exercises for Stress Relief

Best Physical Exercises for Stress Management

Exercises for Stress Management and Relief

Whichever the cause prolonged stress may be devastating to our health resulting in migraines, insomnia, high blood pressure, digestive problems, weigh problems, asthma, heart diseases and more. (about diseases prevention read on

Physical exercises, beyond many other benefits, would add confidence in fighting with stress and depression. (great motivational facts about benefits of exercising regularly read on

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Stress Management Activities.The Effectiveness of Games in Relieving Stress

5 easy and safe games and activities for those who want to lower their stress levels.

stress relief activities

Today everybody is stressed but some efficient methods including games could lower stress levels and even make it disappear. Today I’ll talk about the role and the efficiency of games in lowering stress levels.

Stress commonly happens for each and every individual in a workplace ranging from desk-bound office workers to managers. It can be estimated that around 200 to 300 million dollars are spent annually by the American business for job stress that happen because of absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, and accidents. This is exactly where the tension relief games play their function. These games have numerous plus points. It helps in easing high-pressure conditions at property and at operate, and they operate even greater than the ordinary relaxation exercises.

So which are the activities that would help you to manage your stress?

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