Anger – the Stressor You Should Get Rid Of

Anger Management

There are situations in our life when we simply can’t deal with our emotions. Emotions are our ALL. Emotion is our life, feelings, the way we see people. When we’re not ready for a change or something comes unexpectedly there’s high risk we’ll have to deal with stress.
Our emotions are the result of our education, better to be said our emotional intelligence. In our childhood if we had been told how to deal with a negative emotion we probably would have known how to easily overpass any of them. So let’s teach our children how to cope with their negativity and negative emotions.

Anger is one of the most consuming emotions leading in some cases to behavioral changes or disastrous consequences. Anger is also one of the stressors that can burn you from the inside.

Besides the behavioral changes, anger can have some physical effects. Negative emotions, including anger, start a mechanism in our bodies giving to it the signal of ‘danger’. A prolonged anger will hurt adrenal gland and immune system, the chemicals the body releases is toxic for all its systems interfering with its harmonious functioning and balance.
Repressed emotions also tend to trigger more pain than expressed anger or anxiety. Also increase pain perception, depression, and your risk of heart disease and deterioration in pulmonary function.

Anger is one of the most primal and basic of human emotions. Sociologist Chris Lucerne states in her article titled “Emotions! Good or Bad”, that there are neither good nor bad emotions. However, you can judge emotions as such. According to Lucerne’s theory emotion is believed to help humans express their feelings. Therefore emotions are a part of human nature to help us communicate.

Accept your anger, Communicate, Express your needs and Always try to say I made MYSELF angry