Manage the Back to School Stress. Part I

Back to School Stress and Solutions for Parents
back to school stress management

What to do in order to keep calm in back to school days? This question is generally available for children and for their parents too.

Many of us when preparing our kids for school go through noticeable changes beginning with an easy discomfort ending with higher stress levels. Don’t let back to school problems get over you. If you’re a parent, see what can be done in order to keep calm and manage your stress.

Don’t get mad at your kids. It’s a hard time for everybody and it sounds strange but children even if they don’t encounter financial problems yet they tend to be more stressed compared to their parents. Don’t forget that school is for children not for their parents. Don’t ‘steal’ the emotions of your kids and let them just feel them. They would appreciate more if you keep calm when they’re so agitated.

Stay calm and try to find together with your children a solution that would be good for each of you.

Organize. The secret of calmness resides in your ability to organize well. A good order of things would keep you and your family away from this period problems.

Stick to the schedules and go to bed early. A good night sleep is also essential in order to have a clear ready and steady mind.

Discuss with your children about their problems and concerns. An easy talk may solve many problems.

Plan healthy meals. They would have to eat something and that something should be as healthy as possible. Don’t neglect your child’s health at this early stage because it may turn into something serious and stressful for the entire family. Consult,,

Avoid morning madness. The morning rush is something proper to us human beings but we can avoid it.

Plan some outfits together with your kids.

Control your voice. Once you’ve started to speak at higher tone you’ll continue like that until you and your family members will reach higher levels of stress.

Watch your anxiety. Anxiety is a very easy to catch state that’s why keep it under control.

Meditation or 10 minutes a day for yourself. You don’t have to be a bad parent to spend some time for you. You won’t believe but at least 10 minutes a day in full silence can help more in dealing with stressful situations than any other method. (3 Main Stress Relief Activities

Don’t forget about physical exercise. Don’t neglect doing sport and your body would have the necessary ‘weapons’ for fighting stress without any intervention from you. (Best Physical Exercises for Stress Management

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