Being Happy – How To? Advice from the Experts

Bringing happiness in your life day by day. How to do that by following simple advice from happy people.

Being Happy

To be happy or not – it’s a choice every one of us is making every day and throughout life. One is made up by his experience and his habits. So, what’s the secret of the happiness and who are they – happy people?

Who are Happy Individuals?

Happy and Lucky people, like others, can be sad, can be angry or irritated but they don’t let negative habits prevail over their lives.

We usually strive for imposing values: position in the society, wealth and power.
At the very moment we get these things we feel emptiness not happiness.

The secret of happiness consists of peculiarity of our mentality and the way we see the world. If we only could cultivate useful habits which would change the way we see things, then the whole world would give you instead only positive emotions. And we can do that!

Useful habits of happy people:

1.    They see in everything only positive aspects. Happy people can see a particular situation from different points of view and in every unpleasant situation they can only see a new and useful experience. (

2.    Are thankful and friendly to all people. It’s a possibility of growing and self-improvement.

3.    Are smiling all the time and spread the positive energy. All the people around them become kinder and friendly.

4.    They don’t assume others’ stereotypes, they know about their virtues and vices. Their good habit is to get pleasure from life directing at the same time their power to the chosen path.

5.    They live in the present and enjoy every day of their lives.

6.    They can choose friends, and people like them who would help and support in every life situation.

7.    They can be happy as children are to new things or when learning something new.

What happy people don’t do?

1. Don’t try to be liked by everyone and don’t let others’ negative thoughts to influence their lives.

2. Don’t complain about their lives and don’t blame other people.

3. They don’t let to be caught in an endless loop of thoughts, understanding that thoughts not always reflect the reality.

4. They don’t have regrets about the past.

5. They’re not envious.

6. They’re not afraid to change their lives.

8. They don’t wait for a proper time to come; they act on their own making thus their lives happier.

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The best way to make your life happier is by bringing positivity to the things that surround you.