Combat Stress by Gradually Overcoming Life Obstacles

Overcoming Some Barriers That Could Impede Your Happiness

overcoming life obstacles

According to the Gerontology, the study of getting old, people who always feel happy, could live longer, from 3 to 5 years comparing with those who never felt happy. This is because the feeling of happiness can improve the human immune system.

Then, is it hard to be a happy and enjoy the life? Of course not, if you find time to overcome some emotional barriers that often hinder the arrival of happiness.

Identify the barriers that impede your happiness and make a strategy!

1.    Do not keep feeling guilty

Guilt is a good social control for us. It can prevent us from actions that harm others but when in excess it can be seen as something poisoning our lives. If we feel guilty in excess, the result will be self-defeating. It can paralyze the psychic and can make the immune system weaken. As a result, we become vulnerable to diseases.

2.    Go Away from Jealousy

Envy or jealousy is destructive. It can trigger our anger to ourselves. We will obsess on the things that we do not have. Try to change the pattern of view, so that envy to be a positive energy to compete with others.

3.    A non selfish approach to things

Selfish can make us hard to compromise with others. Try to get rid of this strain and be honest to yourself to give or receive some help from others, especially suggestions or criticism.

4.    Be optimistic

People who always feel pessimistic often feel disappointed. Why? Because they always feel worthless, afraid of the life, always fail, and always lose before the war starts. Pessimism can make us feel unappreciated, finally brought us to be losers in some particular situations and sometimes in the whole life.

5.    Anger management

Maybe, we can’t control the anger. Or, on the contrary, it is difficult to vent the anger. In fact, anger is one of the best motivators in life. So, (from an optimistic point of view), your anger is not a bad thing. Be realistic and try to express the anger in a structure; name the reasons and say what you expect. This step allows us to be fair, both to ourselves and with the target of our anger.

6.    Put away excess jealousy

Living in jealousy is very tiring. Jealousy wouldn’t permit you to relax or think about something else than the object of your jealousy. It’s a corrosive emotion that comes from a lack of confidence. First, trust to your couple then find the root of the problem that makes you to feel jealous. Discuss your views / feelings to the people, and ask him/her to find a way out together.

7.    Comparing with others

Comparing with others’ successes, lives, things they got, family, good temperament and greatnesses of the character is also a kind of jealousy that can ruin your life. Living in a permanent running trying to achieve and reach peaks that aren’t yours can turn you into someone different. Make comparing to others a thing that works for you, not ruin your life.

8.    Inferiority

Lack of confidence can be a barrier in overcoming difficulties and is a proper place for some other negative or complicated emotions. Inferiority comes from a perspective that is not appropriate, where the subject isn’t appreciating its entire existence. If there is a willingness to change, then nothing is difficult. The change will come with a better understanding of people’s emotions and, why not, with many friends.