13 Ways to Cope with Your Anger

Some very practical tips and tricks that help cope with the anger

1. If you have problems with anger management learn some breathing exercises and relaxing techniques. It would help you deal with tension even if you’re in public.

2. Don’t say a word and don’t do a thing until you’re calm. Believe me, in anger you’ll use other words than when you’re calm.

3. You won’t feel it but after a point anger becomes irrational. It’s very hard but STOP and see the situation differently, from another angle. Does it seem the same? It would help you handle the situation rationally without stressing too much.

4. Learn to recognize and analyze your triggers. Are they real or exist only in your imagination? Do they really worth it?

5. If an issue gives you a state of anger, think about if that problem would be significant for you after a month, a year, five years. If not, you can simply forget about it.

6. If the state of anger is provoked by people that you won’t see never again, calm down, do some breathing exercises and just forget about it.

7. If you’re a person bent on anger and aggression you can direct it into something creative or sport. It doesn’t matter the results you achieve, the most important is the process itself.

8. Humor is one of the best methods to pass over negative emotions. If you encounter difficulties in seeing the ‘humorous’ part of the problem there’s a lot of funny stuff to be seen on Internet. Laughter Help You to Cope with Stress

9. Write in a notebook and describe the situation in details and the ways you’d like it to be solved. Don’t blame yourself if you fail with anger management. You’ll draw a useful lesson and the next time you’ll know how to cope with your anger. Read from time to time your notes and you’ll see the improvement in the way you react and act.

10. Sometimes it would be useful to direct your anger on inanimate objects. In Japan, for example in offices people have a place where they can smash, crack or destroy things. Some use their boss’s picture as a target in darts game.

11. Learn to understand people and their emotions. We all are different and react differently to situations. If you’re interested in psychology you’ll be especially delighted with reading information about people’s emotions.

12. Exercises have a great impact on body and mind. If you’re overwhelmed with negative emotions just walk. Don’t think about the issue that provoked your anger. Just walk and see things around you.

13. Learn to observe and draw lessons from others conflicts, problems and negative emotions. Think about the way you could have reacted in the same situation. Such practice would be of a great help when you encounter similar situations.

When coping with stressors like anger remember not to express it externally. Showing respect to others while coping with anger is a mature and a healthy way to manage anger. Ways to fight with anger or overcome it

If anger is a real problem for you, you may want to go to so some courses of anger management.

Uncontrollable anger makes you feel bad, then frustrated and in the end remorseful. Don’t roll on the ball of negative emotions because one can draw in a multitude and it would be more difficult to cope with many instead of one.

Having healthy strategies to cope with your anger is hugely important !