8 Methods of Coping with Negative Thoughts

Negativity – Just a Brain Creation

Think of a number and keep it in mind. Just do it. Now it’s time to forget about that number because it’s uselessly to keep it in mind. You may find it hard to forget or stop thinking about it, that being demonstrated by a psychological experiment which results show once again that our brains are our masters. So, if you order your mind to stay away from a distinct thought, with a probability of 99.99% your mind will bring to surface it over and over again. It’s a bit scary but that’s a normal mechanism our brain launches.

Negativism and negative thoughts are eating you from the inside making your life toxic and unbearable. They have also physical effects over your body and can induce ulcers, lower your metabolism, suppress your immunity.

So what can we do when our mind is playing with us?

1. First of all try to analyse the problem/thought in details. Don’t forget anything. Your anxiety will rise but allow your mind to frisk. Don’t ever settle boundaries. It would be better to settle a day dedicated to that thought/problem. The subject would be seen in details from different angles being exhausted that way.

2. Don’t ever interdict yourself to think about something. It would have a contrary effect.

3. If your negative thoughts are everyday items you should understand and reveal the source of the problem. Maybe you’re undergoing a depression and negative thoughts are only side effects of it. In that case you should fight the depression then the negative thoughts. If your negative thoughts are ceasing you everyday, torturing you being especially related with your aptitudes, the way you look (and so on), you should start working on your self-esteem, raising its levels.
Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a single negative thought from a big mess of negative thoughts. Try to reveal one, then another, and step by step it would be clear for you if you’re undergoing a stressful situation, a depression or just have to work on your self esteem.

4. Try to share your problems/thoughts with a close friend. It could be a relief when just saying it.

5. Don’t feed your negative thoughts and lose energy in that way. If you’re the main character of your negative imaginary world try to give the role to another, you being just a bystander. Watching someone performing your act would be an easy problem solving.

6. Don’t try to be above your mind to control it for becoming the master. Let’s just say that it’s much easier to become friends and cooperate.

7. Just let it go. Negative thoughts are sometimes fading away when you accept them and let them go.

8. The easiest ways are watching a comedy, socializing, and laugh a lot but these are only short term solutions.

Get rid of your negative thoughts and stay positive!