Wise Advice to Be Followed With Care

5 Motivational Tips that Can Actually Make Us Feel Miserable

Followed With Care

I’d like to introduce you several popular motivational quotes that can actually make you feel worse if you follow them.

1.    Your life will be as you imagine it.

This is one of the most popular quotes and the most beloved phrase of personal growth coachers. ‘In order to achieve a goal, it must be clearly set in your thoughts, you must be fully imbued with it, and you should live and sleep having it in your mind.’

Thinking of this, you build your dreams on quicksand and as time passes by, you begin to hate your miserable life. All this happens because you believed in a dream, the dream that your life should be as you want instead of accepting life as it is. There’s nothing wrong in being optimistic and there’s nothing wrong with setting goals for the future and move towards them. But don’t forget that your life is happening now and you should find a method to enjoy it today. Don’t hate your present and don’t postpone happiness for the future.

2.    We should be happy all the time.

From different sources we read or we hear things on how to be happy. I know I’m doing the same thing now, and the message of the entire blog is how to get rid of stress and be happy in general. But. The general belief of being happy all the time is implanting in our mind other idea: that happiness is a normal state for a human being and if you don’t feel it, then obviously there’s something wrong with you. In real life happiness is rather a fleeting feeling, like all emotions are, than a permanent state. We can feel satisfaction, peace, but happiness in general is quite rare. I wish you experience this state more often, but don’t fall under the pressure of theories that life without happiness becomes miserable.

Factors Influencing Happiness http://longlifetips.net/happiness-factors

3.    Life is a straight ascending line.

This common myth tells us that we must always make progress and not to step back. If this month you have earned a thousand, then the next month you should earn two thousands. Meanwhile, this life approach leaves us no chance for mistakes, illness or just relaxation. The smallest fault is perceived as a failure making us unhappy. Try instead to replace the straight-line model with the spire one. Very often, in spite of all our effort we make a circle and find ourselves in the same place where we’ve started. Don’t be disappointed and start a new round.

4.    Resistance is the best way to overcome the crisis.

If you need to solve a problem then, of course, you have to gather all the strength to overcome the obstacle. It’s a perfect and a right approach, isn’t it? But it’s not that simple.
Sometimes the confrontation only depletes your energy and reduces the ability to solve problems more efficient. There are times when it’s better to evaluate the situation rather then run ahead in spite of the circumstances. It’s like when crossing a river: it’s possible to swim with the current with almost no effort needed, or it’s possible to swim against the current and heroically sink in the middle of the river. Resistance is a very natural human reaction but sometimes it’s not the best solution. It would be wiser to learn how to take the bad and good in our lives.

5.    You will be happy when…

It’s a very common attitude that explains why you don’t get pleasure from your life today. It seems like you’re missing something important and when you get that thing your life would be bright and glorious.
Don’t postpone your life for better days. Live and have fun now, not tomorrow or when I have more money/ when I retire. Do not postpone your life and when the mythical ‘later’ will come, you’ll get the double fun.

Sometimes it’s easier to live on your own rules following your instincts. When you try to follow wise advice, don’t forget that we’re all different and one rule can’t be applied to all.

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