5 Stress Relieving Techniques for Workaholics

What to do in order to relax when the body needs it?

Workaholics Stress Relieving

When you feel like you’re running on overdrive you’ve got to stop, take a look and take inventory of what you are doing so that you can prioritize and get back on the right track.

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None of us are immune to stress, but we sure can relieve and alleviate it in a healthy way.

5 Stress Relief Techniques to put your mind, body, and soul back at ease

1) Stick to a schedule:
I am the biggest fan on spontaneity and unstructured time.  However, I came to the realization that if I don’t schedule time to do something, it just normally won’t get done.  Use paper or an electronic calendar you can sync with your iphone or blackberry. Whatever suits your fancy. Just schedule it in and stick to it.

When you do things as they come without having a structure or priorities, you tend to do the things that are NOT as important and sacrifice time you could use to do more productive things. You then feel guilty about being unproductive. It’s a vicious cycle.  Get out that planner and use it!

2) Set deadlines:
Set goals and deadlines to have accomplished your tasks.  It’s the same as setting a schedule here, if it doesn’t have a deadline, you’ll drag it on out.  And let not get into the whole procrastination thing.  Setting deadlines will help you hold yourself accountable and relieve some stress.

3) Eat well and take supplements:
This is so simple, yet so many of us, including myself, don’t always eat the healthiest food. You can not work or perform well if you are not feeding your body the nutrients it deserves and requires for optimal performance. And even when you do eat “healthy” you are not getting all of the body’s required minerals, vitamins and building blocks to perform optimally. When choosing supplements (Factors to Consider When Choosing Supplements http://longlifetips.net/choosing-supplements), be attentive to buy some high quality ones, or at least from reputed manufacturers.

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4) Get sleep:
Did you know our bodies are designed to rest twice per any 24 hour period? Our bodies are designed to get 8 hours of sleep and a short nap during the day. What most of us do, however, is we react against our bodies needs. I know I do, and this is something that I am making a conscious effort to improve. You and I will take stimulants like coffee, coke or diet coke to give ourselves a boost of energy when our bodies are tired. Our bodies are telling us “hey there I need a break” or “hey I need some shut-eye,” but we work against it. Listen to your body’s needs. If not this is more room for stress and tension to take control of your every muscle.

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5) Take time to play:
Your body and mind cannot concentrate on work all the time. Take 30 minute breaks in between knocking out those “to dos.”  When you take breaks you refresh your mind and energy and it increases your concentration levels when you go back to work.

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Read a book, sing, go for a walk or do whatever makes you feel better or relaxed.