Get Rid of Stress by Planning Your Time Efficiently

How to manage your time in order to keep doing things well and efficiently and having no stress at the same time?

Planning Your Time Efficiently

5 reliable methods to find more free time

Do you want to have more time every day to fulfill all your tasks and realize all your wishes? Have you ever thought how to arrange your day more efficiently, how to focus on the important things you have to do?

The psychologists recommend 5 main rules of “seeking” the free time in our daily life. These rules may be combined in order to achieve a greater success:

1. Combine your working hours
2. Combine your activities
3. Decrease the amount of time you use for your bad habits
4. Work fast
5. Be always ready.

Now I’ll try to analyze each of these points.

Combine your working hours

The most effective way to save some time is to increase the amount of productive hours per day. It means we have to learn to sleep less and to use the remaining time more productively. Try to wake up at 5-6 o’clock in the morning – this time is considered to be most productive from the irritant’s point of view. No one calls; no one is looking for us through email – we may use this time more productively than lying in bed. In the evening hours instead of watching TV we must try to read the books on our project or to prepare for tomorrow’s working day.

Combine your activities

Many times I noticed that I waste my time for nothing, instead of doing more productive things. Many times we simply lack the necessary instruments, documents, information, etc. The combination of activities is a reliable way to increase the amount of useful time every day.
We must use productively the time we spend on the road or when we are waiting for something or someone. Usually in the road we are thinking about some trifles, we listen to music or simply watch the advertisement in the city. It is better to listen to some profession related audio books. When we have a free minute we mustn’t hesitate to listen and learn.

We must try to make our meetings more productive. Sometimes we have meetings that can easily be postponed. Unfortunately we have periodically to attend meetings out of obligation, but in essence they are no use for us. This time must be used for planning our future activities, for analyzing the work and for learning.

Minimize the amount of useless time

Try to get rid of the habits that waste your time. Your time is one of the most effective methods of time control.

Turn off your TV. It is obvious that watching TV is one of the most harmful habits that most of the people have.

Try to do other things – learn, take a walk, listen to the music, play with children.

Organize intervals in your working activities. Instead of big breaks that we use for drinking coffee and that last a half of hour, it is more useful to make breaks of 5-10 minutes every hour. This allows us to have a better rest and at the same time not to lose the essence of work because the breaks are very small.

Control your communication activities. Try to establish for you certain periods when you will concentrate only on work. In these moments don’t answer to any phone calls or mail. From time to time engage yourself in communication in order to maintain your social network.

Check your mail 2-3 times per day. For some of us it may be difficult, but try to check you mail as rare as possible. The same thing we may say regarding navigation on internet sites and to the reading of news.

Try to work fast

I’m trying to do may job fast and at the same time efficiently. During the day there are a lot of types of activity, which we may accomplish very fast or not accomplish at all. In return we will have more time for self-development and for professional grow.

Fast-reading and fast-listening. We can work with different documents, letters and other printed information at least 2 times faster , by using the technique of fast-reading. There is also another method, I call it “fast-listening” it is useful when we work with audio books.

Try to type faster. The majority of our work is connected with the computers. You will be surprised to find out how much time you may gain after you learn to type without looking and to increase the speed of your typing.

Time constraints

We must establish for ourselves time constraints for the accomplishment of tasks. Even if the task has no term to be fulfilled we must establish this term for ourselves. Try to establish a one our time constraint and watch how your work is evolving.

Be always ready

The sense of most of the time management methods may be expressed in one phrase: “control everything and be always ready for the unexpected”. The knowledge of the fact what you will be doing today and what you will not be doing give you a sense of self-confidence and accuracy of thinking during the whole working day.
Learn to say “NO”. One of the most difficult, but one of the most efficient ways of saving time for us is simply to say NO in response to certain proposals and tasks. If you are unable to say NO try to pass this task to a person who is more competent and who has more free time.

Work with papers and write notes. The key moment for an efficient time and activity management is to delete from your consciousness the unnecessary information and to organize the necessary information on an external media device. It may be a paper scheduler or an electronic record book. Try to make a plan for the following day on the paper. Make a brainstorm on a paper. It works fast and efficient. In time you will discover that you are doing you job more fast and more efficient.

Prepare yourself better. Check if your working place is ready for immediate work the second day. Try to keep your working place clean and organized. Every evening draw conclusion of the working day and prepare for the activities in the next day. Preparation represents the key moment in the dynamism of time nowadays.

I wish you to have the necessary time for your hobbies, business and rest!

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