Positive Thinking Sustained by Positive Action

For Better Results in Stress Management Think and Act Positively. Part I

Positive Action

Positive thinking may not be enough when coping with stress. But what else you can do when positive thinking isn’t showing its results?

Take action, and not simple action but positive ones! Don’t just speak. Do it!

Sometimes positive thinking isn’t as effective as it should be, in some cases being even self-destructive.

A study proved that students who used to fantasize about a good job after finishing studies haven’t received it. Those who were positively thinking and taking action at the same time were showing better results in every sphere. So, imagining a better you isn’t good for your life.
It is known that positive action is much more effective than positive thinking and many studies have already proved that.

Behavior in close relationship with emotions

Many studies all over the decades proved the close relationship between behavior and emotions. The behavior can influence emotion and vice versa. As I already said in my previous articles, smile even a forced one, can make you happier as frowning can make you feel sad. The same principle works with willpower, confidence and feeling younger. Many studies proved that mind would take over body’s action. Even a body pose could significantly influence the state of your mind, the way you feel and the self confidence.

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A study research that involved two groups of students proved that the pose body adopts can actually influence the self confidence. A group of students were asked to adopt dominant poses (feet up on the table, interlock their hands behind the back of their heads) while the other group, being asked to adopt poses that weren’t associated with dominance (look in the ground).

The results showed that the first group students showed a real increase in confidence in just minutes while the students from the second group showed a diminishing in self-confidence.

Another study with men in their 70s proved that the same principle works even for feeling younger. They were asked to act as if they were 20 years younger. In few days they were walking faster and were more confident. Within several weeks some of the participants had decided they could now manage without their walking sticks.

They all showed improvements in speed of moving, dexterity, memory, eyesight and hearing, blood pressure and more. Acting as if they were younger had knocked years off their minds and bodies.

The same confidence gives even the straight pose. When you’re at an interview try to sit up straight. The job could be yours easier if you adopt a confident pose.

Take a deep breath and read in the second part how to take action in life.

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