Coping with Stress by Positively Thinking

stay positive

There are many ways to fight with stress and some of us had already found our own methods of coping with stressful situations.

Try to remember, how many times today you grumble and blame people or regret the mistakes you have done; stuck in traffic on the way to the office, but you must immediately attend the meeting. Oops! Apparently, quite a lot of issues that can make you feel so upset in one day.

All that come and goes without your awareness. If you can’t deal with stressful situations, negative thoughts can lead to stress. We already posted a lot of tips about how to eliminate stress in your life and here is another dose of tips on coping with stress.

Tips on positive thinking

1.  Eliminate the sense of insecurity
Negative thoughts often arise and are controlled by emotions and prejudices; the background is feeling insecure; there are a lot of doubts about your own abilities, anxiety, and suspicion.
Start to show your self-confidence so you can enjoy a better life than constantly complaining. Start to exercise and grow up your self-confidence. It could be a hard work especially when you don’t believe in positive results.

2. Create challenges
People who see their problem from the negative side will feel the problem in their life as a threat and as an unpleasant burden. Try to see your problems as a challenge. Get over it. Try to find a solution when you’re calm.

3.  Do not pile up stress
Hoarding negative thoughts actually it’s like accumulating garbage in your brain. A little bit of suspicions, some jealousy and the sense of unfair world is already rolling on your mind. Try to renounce at least for a week to be jealous, to think negatively or to gossip and you’ll have immediate results. Be careful, negative way of thinking and stress can ruin your health!

4.  Experience with positive thinking
Practice positive thinking by saying every morning in loud voice positive things. It may be everything from ‘I’m lucky’ to ‘I rule the world’. It’s up to your imagination. Meditation would be of a great help in achieving that state of positiveness. Create a list of things that makes you happy, that may help you feel more positive. It may be watching comedy movies, reading biographies of successful people, talking with people who think positively. Give up things that make you sad or may unbalance you. I gave up watching dramas and talking with negative thinking people.

Increase mental immunity by positive thinking. It’s like a drug for body and soul, a drug that would contribute to your longevity. With positive thinking, body metabolism works better.
Another ‘side effect’ of positive thinking is that people would be happy to be around you, near a person who sees life in bright colors.

Increase the dose of positiveness in your life and enjoy the results.

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