Put Away Stress Caused by Routine

See what you can do when the routine is getting over your life.

fighting the routine

Do you feel a bad mood lately? And if you remember there was nothing wrong in your life. There were no significant financial problems; your relationship with your life partner is going well.

But somehow you have feelings of uncertainty and everything you do seem to be wrong. Apparently you are not satisfied with your life and you’re routine that you do every day.


Here are some tips to minimize boredom caused by routine:

Getting New Friends

Get some courage and open a conversation with others. According to David Silberkleit, an author of A New Adventure Everyday, these habits can expand in the network relationships, as well as opening new opportunities and interests. It takes extra effort if you’re not the type of person who extrovert, but if you start to feel comfortable, there are many new opportunities in front of you!

Make daydreams a part of you

Do you remember the last fantasy from boring meetings? Reverie could be encouraging for routine fighting but don’t forget to listen with half an ear what’s going on at the meeting.

Opinion from Outside

Another way to make life more meaningful is to ask other people’s opinion. Sometimes people who don’t know many about you, can give you a better advice than best friends’. Sometimes it’s a better idea to listen to someone who has absolutely no hidden motives and is objective. But remember that you don’t have to follow all the suggestions.

Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy is a form of primitive emotion that is proper to human beings only. Jealousy can be also a positive motivation for you. The real challenge is to identify specifically things that people have and make you feel jealous and then to try doing/getting/achieving that things, legally, of course J

A different background

The easiest way to fight the routine may be only changing the background. It’s simple as it is.

Seeing people you love/like/think that they are positive is also a strategy of fighting the routine.

Some of you, over the years have accomplished the strategy of fighting the routine. So be welcomed to write here in comments what do you think is a better routine fighter.