Change the Way You React to Stress

Remember in Time How to React to Stress

react properly to stressful situations

Suppose you already know everything you may know about stress, its triggers and mechanisms, and all the possible techniques to avoid or combat it. But what usually happens? In crucial moment when you should ‘push the button’ in order to avoid the situation that may easily grow into a stressful one, you continue to react the way you did before. Why this happens and could you change this detail in order to remember in time to react correctly at every stressful situation?

Habit is the first problem we always react in the same way to the same situation. How to deal with it would you be asking? It’s the matter of time and will. You should want to change something for the change to happen. Smoking, bad relationships are only habits and we decide to change something only when the habit controls our live and is actually suffocating us. Turn your habit of reacting to stress into a good one. Studies show that a new habit needs about three weeks to ‘install’.

Don’t let the bad habit control your life.

The second problem is our character and the way we are used to react to some specific problems and situations. You may have an easy character or not but the way you react to stress is essential to your life and you shouldn’t forget this thing in any life situation.

‘Old problems’ are also the trigger that makes us forget about stress managing techniques. If you have unsolved problems and you know theoretically their solution but when you have to face it you simply forget what you have to do, you may put them along with their solution on a piece of paper. Could be that simple? Yes, it is. Just write them on a piece of paper, imagine having a dialogue with the person that bothers you, imagine having you problem solved already.

Always remember that a negative reaction to stress gives you not only a bad mood at the moment but also depression in time and favors a long list of possible conditions.

Stress builds in your body cancer cells and the way you react now is the way you would live tomorrow.

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