Tips to Reduce Stress.Ways to Manage Stress

Some Tips for Reducing Stress

Simple tips on how to manage with stress in your life

Our life is nothing without stress but sometimes it’s almost impossible to get over a stressful situation. We all have our de-stressing techniques and use them as often as we need them. There’re a lot of things that would relief stress in one person and the same techniques can be ineffective for another. Here are some general rules to follow for having a life with less stress in it.

1.    Don’t try to be perfect; don’t try to make all things perfectly.

2.    Have a positive attitude.

3.    Get enough sleep. You need to recover from the latest events or stressful situations in your life. If it’s impossible to sleep good at night, try at least to take a nap when you have time for that.

4.    If you’re facing a stressful situation try for at least one week to keep away from weeping friends and bad news. The TV is one of the bad news sources that’s why a week without it would make difference.

5.    You should accept the thing that there are events that you can’t control.

6.    If you want to expel stress from your life it’s time to learn and practice some relaxation techniques.

7.    Make a list of positive affirmations you should read daily. Childish? Maybe, but very effective.

8.    When reducing stress in your life don’t rely on alcohol or drugs. It was scientifically shown that alcohol and drugs have a stress inducing effect.

9.    Learn and teach your children to manage time more effectively.

10.    Exercise daily even you’re not a big fan of sport. For an efficient fight with stress it’s enough to stretch up to 20 minutes a day.

11.    Don’t become angry or aggressive when stating out your opinions, beliefs or feelings. Learn one think: it is normal other people to have different opinion from yours. A psychological study demonstrates that you can knock at somebody’s conscience by simply telling your opinion. If you’re right soon or later the person will come to the same opinion without you being involved.

12.    Eat healthy and drop out bad habits like eating junk food.

13.    If your situation is desperate and you can’t manage it by yourself, you can seek social support or consult a doctor.

Try and combine these tips with other you know and think are efficient for you. Stay positive. To be continued with other tips and stress-expelling techniques.