Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Find out how to relieve stress naturally

Some people live a long happy life easily facing all life problems and stressful situations without having to visit doctors or psychologists but the great majority suffers from stress effects day by day, stress being a part of their lives.

How to relieve stress naturally without any pills and doctors?
When you get overwhelmed by stress, the following advice will help you easily and naturally eliminate stress in your life.
First of all you should understand your stress sources; second, try at least not to deepen your condition.
One easy way to relieve stress is talking to friends or family members. Communication is very important for you to understand and overcome stress. Talking with people that care about you will significantly reduce stress level.

Listen to good music. Classical music will have great effect on you especially when you’re relaxed and listen to every sound. You can ask somebody to play some classical music on the piano or other musical instrument. Relax, listen to the music and feel the vibes.

Another easy way to relieve stress naturally is to go for a walk. Walking is an instant stress reliever.15 minutes a day would decrease your stress. You can try to combine walking with talking to a friend. It would easier for you to describe the situation that stresses you and it would be easier for your friend to listen to you. You can also combine listening to music with your everyday walking.

Have a cup of your favorite tea. You may want to have a tea night with your friends; some good tea+communication=easy stress relieving.

If you know some breathing and relaxation techniques it’s high time to apply them, if you don’t here is a simple method: choose a comfortable and quiet place and seat; take a deep breath feeling the air filling your lungs. Hold it for a few seconds. Exhale very slowly until your lungs feel empty and hold it again for a few seconds. Repeat several times then breathe normally.

Be positive. It’s the most difficult task to do when you’re depressed or stressed. Try to surpass the negative barrier and have positive thoughts as soon as you wake up in the morning. People instinctively avoid depressed and pessimistic ones that is why try to be positive for you to feel comfortable and for not being avoided by people in general and by friends in particular.

Do yoga. If you think exercising or stretching is not for you, you must be convinced by the fact that even 10 minutes of exercising per day decreases the stress hormones levels, such as cortisol.
Play with your pet if you have one. Studies demonstrate people with pets to live longer than other who have the same conditions of life but without pets.

Watch a movie. It may be a movie that you’ve seen hundred of times; if you feel it would improve your condition, you’re free to watch it once again.

Treat your body well; have a healthy lifestyle, stay away from junk food and have a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables.

Be organized. The mess in your house, in your relationships and in whatever you do leads to stress even if you don’t want to recognize it. In order to be more organized write by hand, at first priorities then activities and tasks to be done. In a few days you’ll find out the benefits of being organized.

Also stay away from alcohol and drugs. Despite the general opinion it is wrong that these are decreasing stress levels; the short effect they are giving turn with a higher stress levels the next day.

If you feel your condition is more serious to be fixed with the described methods, you should consult a doctor.