Quick Stress Relief at Work

Three Methods for a Fast Stress Relief at Work

Read some great relaxation techniques using the perception that wouldn’t bother anyone.
You are very anxious, almost exhausted. You feel that you will blow up soon and you need urgent relaxation. Is this sensation familiar to you? If the common advice can’t help you it is necessary to find a quick efficient solution: a reliable, practical and universal solution.

There are three methods that may help you. Try them when you are in a stressful situation and need a respite.

•    The first method. Your eyes. Close your ears with your hand palms. Observe slowly the objects around you. Don’t think about the objects you see, just try to perceive colors and shapes. Do they stay the same or do you see a certain change in these objects? Do you see clear lights and colors or do you not? If you perceive the world around you using only your eyes during several minutes the stress will leave you. You will regain your normal state in a few minutes and you will be able to accomplish all your tasks.

•    The second method. Your ears. Close your eyes. Just listen. Don’t listen to human voices and don’t try to recognize the sounds around you. Just listen to the noises. Hearken where the sound come from. Sit a few minutes in this position and the disorder and stress will leave you. You will be able to continue your work.

•    The third method. Your mouth. Close your eyes. Drink a little juice or other drink and try to feel and analyze its taste. Which part of your tongue feel the taste? Try to concentrate on your gustatory sensations and it will help you to return relaxed to the real world and to continue your working activity.

Try to consider these three methods as little holidays. Let your sensations be relaxed for at least a few minutes per day and the stress will bother you no more. Exercises now don’t wait for the stress to take over.