What to Eat When Stressed?

How to Choose Food Products for Stressful Days?


Food Products for Stressful Days

Did you know your stress levels and your digestion are in close correlation? How is that possible? Many of you have also noticed that their bodies may react differently to certain foods in different cases. Sometimes food may cause fatigue or bloating and other times, the same food feels good for the body.

The food you eat and the way you eat would influence the way you feel but there is interdependence between food and stress levels also. The more stressed, tired, anxious or sleepless you are, the more foods will aggravate your digestive balance. When you are rested, relaxed and calm, your stomach would have a normal digestive activity.
When you are undergoing stressful situations, when chronically stressed, when in depression, try to choose better the food you eat. It should be gentle and easy to digest.

Eating in a rush supplies your body with calories but no nourishment that a body may need. The lack of nourishment can show up in different forms especially in cravings for sweet foods, lack of motivation and enthusiasm, and a general feeling of dissatisfaction. Eating in a rush has also other disadvantages that being a not very well chewed food. Without a proper chewing, when swallowed, food falls into the stomach as a brick, making feel tired or bloated.

What to do?
•    Choose easy to digest food

•    Chew your meal as slowly as possible

•    Choose liquid-based foods that would provide an easier source of nutrition

•    Avoid energy-draining heavy foods

What to eat?
•    Soups (red lentil soup)

•    Porridge

•    Steamed vegetables

•    Rice

•    Rice pudding

•    Stewed fruits

•    Berries

•    Vegetable soups

•    Smoothies without dairy

•    Almond milk with spices

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What not to eat when stressed?
•    Pizza

•    Fast food

•    Meat based meals

•    Cheese

•    Anything dry or cold

•    Pastries

•    Dry nuts

•    Crackers

There’s nothing wrong in carrying about you when undergoing stressful situations.

Don’t neglect the tips and you’ll be full of energy to fight with any stressor in your life.

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