Is Aromatherapy Helping in Stress Management?

20 Essential Oils for Overcoming Depression and Stress

Essential oils Helping in Stress Management

Depressed? Need motivation? Tired? Doubts? Career indecision? Despondent? Indecisive? Pessimistic? Impatient & Irritable? Self absorbed? Lonely? Dreamy? Making the same mistakes? Homesick or nostalgic? Depressed? Persistent thoughts? Angry? Exhausted? Resigned and apathetic? Out of control? Panic ridden? Afraid of the unknown? Bereavement? Feelings of guilt? Sad? Overwhelmed? Bitter and resentful? Broken-hearted? Insomnia? Envious? Overworking? Poor body image? Lack of confidence? Traumatized? Hide worries behind a happy face? Teenage angst?

These emotions and states of mind are a result of our experiences and circumstances. Our lives are constantly changing and our emotions ebb and flow continuously. Life’s experiences leave their mark on us in various ways.

Aromatherapy is a proven method in combating depression and stress and here are some essential oils you can use:

1.    Clary Sage – Behind all other therapeutical effects it is an anti-spasmodic and pain reliever, anti-depressive, an emotional balancer and a hormone levels regulator.

2.    Neroli – helps reduce anxiety, works as a sedative and as an antidepressant.

3.    Aspen – is used for vague fears of unknown origin, anxiety and foreboding.

4.    Agrimony – for mental torture and worry.

5.    Cherry plum – for desperation, suicidal tendencies.

6.    Gorse – for hopelessness and despair.

7.    Holly – for hatred, envy, suspicion, jealousy.

8.    Hornbeam – for tiredness and mental exhaustion.

9.    Impatiens – impatience, irritability, mental tension, impulsiveness.

10.    Mustard – for depression and melancholia, gloom. Also great for treating PMS symptoms.

11.    Pine – Guilt, afraid of being happy.

12.    Rock Rose – panic and terror, extreme fright.

13.    Rock water – self-denial and self repression, self martyrdom and strictness on self.

14.    Star of Bethlehem – used after effects of mental or physical shock. For abuse victims, after traumas, surgery, bereavement. Is a great comforter.

15.    Sweet Chestnut – used for extreme mental anguish, hopeless despair.

16.    Walnut – for all types of changes: divorce, new home, puberty, menopause. It makes the transition easier protecting at the same time from environmental factors.

17.    Wild Rose – for apathy and resignation

18.    Willow – Resentment, bitterness and blaming everyone but himself.

19.    Lavender – is for calming and relaxing.

20.    Grapefruit – helps to overcome anxiety and stress

How to use correctly the essential oils?

1.    Apply oil to your hands and breathe deeply.
2.    Apply oil to handkerchiefs or pillows.
3.    Used for massage sessions.
4.    Mix them with your body creams.
5.    Use when bathing but only after the bath tube is full and you’re in it.
6.    Don’t overdose because essential oils may have the contrary effect instead of calming and soothing.
7.    Trust only well-known brands and read the labels before you buy. Always choose all-natural and organic oils.

The first step in combating stress is always the acknowledgement you’re experiencing it.

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