10 Habits that Kill Your Success and Generate Stress

Avoid these habits and shortly you’ll say you’re very lucky.

habits that generate stress

Who doesn’t want to be lucky, but who really do something in order to attract the success?

Here are some bad habits that kill good luck. Avoid them and you’ll get rid of stress from your life and will be luckier.

1.    Hasty conclusions

We often think that we can read the future, that we already know what will happen and how events would develop. Sometimes our intuition gets us on a wrong way and the results could be lamentable. We don’t know for sure what would happen the next day, how would people react in a concrete situation. We don’t know for sure why someone did it that way; we don’t know what people think and the reasons of their behaviors. We could guess but we won’t know for sure. Do not make hasty conclusions because exactly that way of thinking may lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in relationships.

2. Dramatizing

Negatively thinking people are more liable to dramatizing but we all make that mistake even once a day. Don’t exaggerate failures and don’t be disappointed at stuff that doesn’t deserve. Dramatizing things may lead to anxiety and that won’t let us be lucky.

3. Making stereotypes and pinning labels

Sticking labels and making stereotypes may deprive us from living a full life and seeing things as they are. Seeing reality through your own glasses won’t add you friends or luck.

4. Dividing everything into black and white

The desire to get everything or nothing leads to missing a lot of opportunities. There’s no ideal work, ideal relationship and ideal friends. It’s an art to appreciate the things that you already have.

5. Generalizing

We often try to find a tendency in our success or failures. Some situations may seem alike but it doesn’t mean it’s a tendency.

6. Tale to heart

Feel for everybody, help but don’t suffer because of someone’s problems.

7. Trusting in flowing emotions

Your emotions show your subjectivity in perceiving the situation and often it could be wrong.

8. Being apathetic

Being an optimist is a way to attract the success. Wait, search, believe, take action and you’ll get everything in the world. Negatively thinking people often don’t even see the opportunities that could bring them good luck.

9. Sticking to the rules

Sometimes we’re setting fixed frames which don’t bring anything but anxiety and difficulties. Don’t create unnecessary obstacles.

10. Turning over the past

Let the past in the past, forgive and forget. Don’t keep past failures and disappointments in your heart. Live and believe in good luck!

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