Studies on stress that opened the other side of it

Studies on Stress. Part II

Stress Studies

The results of some of the researches may seem too obvious but the research is still a research and below is some of the results.

Techniques that can help manage stress can be of great help in combating chronic diseases.

Almost 80% of factors leading to chronic diseases can be alleviated by techniques that also reduce stress. It includes meditation and yoga and other stress fighting ‘tools’.

An increase in mortality risks.

A study of King’s College London researchers showed that self-reported stress is associated with an increase of mortality risks in the next 20 years.

Stress at the work place can hurt your heart.

We already supposed that fact but it was also proved in a large study. Researches found that job awareness, unexpected changes and everyday stress at work can lead to poor cardiac health.

A vice can lead to another one.

Take care of yourself and don’t let your vices prevail. A study research showed that sleep-deprived people are more inclined to end up eating poorly and exercising less. All these things can lead to stress that may take serious forms.

Stress can lead to health worsening.

You already knew that a part of staying healthy is the successful application of stress management techniques. A research showed that being tired and sick can lead to stress, that has also an impact on overall health.

Threat and challenge at work. What is worse?

Researches found that the way we perceive things is related to how stress can affect us. If you feel challenge you’ll react better than if you’d feel a threat. But both of them can lead to chronic stress.

Learn any stress managing techniques and stay healthy and stress-free.