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Welcome to my stress-free blog

‘I am stressed’, ‘my work is a continuous stress’, ‘I’m nervous and easily become irritated’… Some decades ago the word stress was an unknown term but now even a kid is pronouncing this word often than you can imagine. In the very moment when we’ve split up from Mother Nature ‘the Stress Era’ came. It would be exaggerated to say that our ancestors weren’t affected by stress in the conditions when they had to run away from wild animals trying at the same time to stoke the fire; it would be an exaggeration too to say that having our work done by robots is a stress but at the same time the link that had been keeping us so close to nature was lost and we are feeling miserable and empty.

We are modern people and live in a modern society and it wouldn’t be a solution for us to abandon or neglect all objects of the progress and start living and running naked in the jungle. There are more simple ways to live a happy life without stress. I hope my blog will be a start point for you in fighting with stress in your life and I would be happy to know that it would be interesting and helpful even for one person only.

Let’s get rid of stress together!