Tips to Less Stress for Working Mom

Find out how to stress less if you’re a working mom.

less stress working mom

As a woman who works, you definitely have stressful experience. However, this becomes more complicated if you are also a mother.

You must have experienced stress and guilt. Stress due to the demands of job and stress of guilt that always haunt because you can not always be with your children and leave them with others.

However, sometimes it is necessary doing that. Do not make these feelings prevent you from being a great mom and also a great employee!

Make your schedule flexible

If you feel very stressed and really hassle to live as a full-time working mom, try to ask your employer to arrange your work schedule, such as: work 4 days and 1 day working from home. Of course this affects your income, but if you can provide a balance between career and children, why not? However, if the schedule change is not possible, you can try to give a special day for the children (of course, turn off the laptop, cell phone).

Share with husband

Sometimes, though both parents work, many of you think that taking care of the children is the responsibility of women. Well, this new outlook changed. Begin to trust your husband in taking care of children. Raising children is the responsibility of you both.

Determine your perspective!

Sometimes, when you are in the office, you hope you do not have to work and just be at home with your children? But guess what? You are accustomed to working in the office and would not feel more satisfied with being at home all the time. According to Drs. Leon Hoffman, director of the Pacella Parent Child Center, in Manhattan, New York, many working mothers wish they were at home with their children, but when they are at home, they expect to be in the office. The conclusion is, being a mother isn’t an easy job, in any side (both working mothers and housewives). But if you have a perspective and reasons why you’re doing this, you can pass every day without feeling guilty.

Stress on quality of time you spend!

If you have been worried that your children will grow up to be bad because you are not always able to give attention, then you can breathe with relief. One study revealed that the absence of mother does not have an impact on child behaviour.
In fact, kids want more ‘qualitative’ time spent with them instead of long time spent.
So, do not be too worried about how much time you can spend with the kids, but focus more on the quality of the time you spend.
When you speak to your kid, when you’re spending time with your family, DON’T think about work problems. And vice versa, when you’re at work, try to concentrate on work and not on your family problems.