All Psychology and Personal Growth Ideas in a Single List

All Psychology and Personal Growth Ideas in a Single List

Personal Growth Ideas in a Single List

Stress Won’t Have Any Chance if Stick to this List

How to be you, maintain good health and lower stress levels in 46 tips collected by Shad Helmstetter.

Shad Helmstetter, the best-selling author of thirteen books in the field of personal growth, in one of his books published a list of “key ideas” and recommendations of psychotherapy books. He collected the main ideas of all psychotherapy books in a list

I usually read stuff like this with a large smile of distrust on my face. It’s up to you to decide how real, ‘palpable’ or realizable are those ideas.

1.    Believe in yourself

2.    Stick to your own life priorities.

3.    Take responsibility for your life.

4.    Create your own future.

5.    Focus on what you want.

6.    Visualize your objectives.

7.    Don’t let anyone control your destiny.

8.    Be creative in everything you’re doing.

9.    Control your stress levels.

10.    Think positive.

11.    Think at large scale but distribute work to small pieces.

12.    Set specific goals and regularly review them for accuracy and relevance.

13.    Devote a part of your day to improve the state of your mind. From time to time revise the results, their value and applicability to life.

14.    Be tolerant.

15.    Do anything with love.

16.    Get rid of hatred.

17.    Be courageous.

18.    Determine which of your life knowledge an illusion..

19.     Be honest.

20.    Work hard.

21.    Believe that money is good and they will come to you.

22.    Have faith.

23.    Be strong.

24.    Don’t hide your feelings.

25.    If you agreed to do something, enjoy doing this.

26.    Plan your time.

27.    Adopt a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

28.    Accept any help from those who sympathize with your goals.

29.    Help other people.

30.    Meditate.

31.    Be optimistic.

32.    Trust others and be trustworthy.

33.     Understand that success is more important than money.

34.    Be organized.

35.    Be kind and generous.

36.    Maintain motivation.

37.    Make pauses when you work.

38.    Take care of the details.

39.    Don’t procrastinate things.

40.    Control your life.

41.    Consider the problems as possibilities.

42.    Find out more about your work and apply new knowledge in practice.

43.    Don’t be afraid of the success.

44.    Take action.

45.    Try to achieve more than you even dreamed.

46.    Never give up.

In the second part of the post I’ll try to comment or tell how would be possible to achieve or stick to these apparently simple life rules.